Stephenson Academy is a Specialist provision for students whose primary need is Social Emotional and Mental Health. Many of our students have additional language and communication needs, and some additional learning needs.   

The local authority will refer students to the academy when they have deemed ‘Special School’ the appropriate provision. Locally referrals are managed by the Special Educational Needs Department.

All children admitted to the school have an Education, Health and Care Plan. The majority of children are admitted to the academy between the ages of 9 (year 5) and 11 (year 7).

Students are only recommended for special schooling after a formal assessment of their educational needs has been made by members of the educational, psychological and medical services in close co-operation with you, as the child's parents. A parental request for a special school is moderated by a panel, using the Local Authority 'Guidelines for Admission to Special Provision', although the final decision rests with a Senior SEN Manager.

If a place is offered at Stephenson Academy, then parents are asked to complete a few forms for administrative purposes. It greatly helps the process of changing schools if these can be completed promptly.

Informal visits

The team at Stephenson are always happy to show parents around and to explain about the academy. We always encourage all parents to see the academy, as soon as possible after receiving a request to consider them for admission. In many cases parents visit the school during the initial assessment period in order to help them to make an informed decision about schooling for their child, please note; these visits may be group visits due to the high demand for places. You are welcome to bring your child with you if you wish. We try to limit the impact on the children in class and often arrange visits on a Friday afternoon.

However, parents should note that an invitation to visit does not constitute an offer of a place, nor does it indicate that the final outcome of an assessment will be a recommendation that your child comes to a school like Stephenson. Such decisions remain the responsibility of the Milton Keynes Council's Special Educational Needs (SEN) Team for MK children or the respective local authority where you live if this is outside MK.

 If all parties are in agreement that we are the right provision for your child, we will admit the young person at the beginning of either Autumn 1, Spring 1 or Summer 1. We work very hard at building strong relationships with home. This is one of the primary drivers to our students’ future success.

Our young people succeed when we work together