Fitness for now, Fitness for life

 This option is to give students access to a wide range of fitness opportunities and will allow their knowledge of the leisure industry to grow. This Level 1 course also embeds human anatomy and theory of how the body works to develop fitness for life. Students will also study how the body works and the muscle groups used in popular sports

 Students will undertake skills development in the sports they choose plus will join in on a wide range of leisure sports and activities to gain an appreciation of fitness for life and what this will look like for them post year 11. They will explore fitness in all its forms and explore what a healthy lifestyle will   look like for themselves when they leave school.

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This Level 1 qualification will give students a foundational knowledge of the leisure industry and leads to studying further in this field, or, employment at a gym or leisure centre. Plus it will introduce them to a wide range of sporting activities they can do for recreational fitness beyond their school years.