Years 10 and 11

KS4 students study AQA GCSE English.  This qualification leads to students gaining knowledge and skills in the following areas:  

  • Speaking and listening in different situations - students discuss and present information.
  • Investigating and analysing language. (Exam Based and Controlled Assessment)
  • Using language imaginatively. (Controlled Assessment)

This qualification is nationally recognised and is a key entry requirement for further education and employment.

The current Year 10’s and 11’s have been focusing on set texts for their Controlled Assessments.

These include:

       Romeo and Juliet                                Of Mice and Men                   Poetry – Benjamin Zephaniah


Quotes from the Students:

“English helps me with other lessons but it has also helped me to read, write and spell and I am really starting to enjoy reading now which something I haven’t enjoyed before is.” Year 10 student.

“I like the books that we read especially Of Mice and Men and the lessons are interesting and really help me.” Year 10 student.

Year 9

We are studying AQA Functional English in Year 9.  Functional English tests student’s competency in the three core elements in English:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking and Listening

The focus of this qualification is the development of student’s communication skills to enable them to succeed in further education and the workplace and is an introduction to their GCSE course in KS4.

Year 8

In Year 8, we follow the National Curriculum for English. We specifically look at ensuring the students have a high level of basic skills so they can succeed later on in school. The lessons are based around the core elements of English including Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening and we encourage cross curricular links to promote literacy across the curriculum.

There are 6 topics which we cover in Year 8. These are:

Shakespeare – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Class Reader – Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

Poetry – An Introduction to War Poetry

Gothic Horror – Frankenstein

Research Project – Titanic

Media - Newspapers

For both Shakespeare and Gothic Horror we go on a theatre trip which is funded for by the English Department.


Some of the Year 8 Students on the Shakespeare trip to London to watch A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


 AYear 10 Student – Very Proud of his book Review!