The English Language is a work in progress
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“You cannot open a book without learning something” – Confucius.   At Stephenson Academy, we teach English Language as a real-world skill; our language is the way that we communicate with each other, express our feelings, express our needs and our dreams for the future. By developing our English Language abilities we learn to succeed both in the classroom and in life beyond school, such as in Sixth Form, in an apprenticeship, or in the working world.


As they progress through the years at Stephenson Academy, students will be supported and guided in the development of key skills in three core areas: reading, writing, and spoken language. Approaching our varied and differentiated curriculum – whether it be at Entry Level, at Level 1 Functional Skills, or in the twinned GCSEs of English Language and English Literature. 

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Studying English at Stephenson Academy has two core outcomes.  The first is a practical and dynamic real-world skill-set that benefits   young people as they move into further education, training or employment. The second is an appreciation of the language of English and the ways that students can use it to express themselves. We aim to foster the ability to recognise how the things that we read, write and say to each other shape our lives as young people and as adults.


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