• To present IT and computing as an integral factor of society at home, work and leisure.
  • To provide access to the skills required for individuals to understand, analyse and utilise IT as a wealth of tools that facilitate teaching and learning.
  • To encourage an inquisitive approach in each individual.
  • To enable the individual to have control over a broad and ever-changing media by using IT.


  • To teach students how to use up to date relevant software such as the Adobe suite and Microsoft office applications.
  • To provide access to analytical problem solving skills, empowering the individual to identify a problem, design and create various solutions, and then make a qualitative judgement as to which is the best tool for the job
  • To teach how the use of it and computing is regulated in society and the implications of this for the individual

Keystage 3

At key stage 3 students learn the concept of programming and start to use programs such as Logo. Logo enables students to understand that programs are set of instructions that are created for a specific outcome. Students learn and use Lego Mindstorms which help students to understand how programs can be used to control a robot or device. Students will also learn different applications and how they are applied for a specific outcome

Keystage 4

Students undertake a program of study for GSCE. Students in Year 11 are embarking on a IT examination that has both a coursework and written exam element. Currently Year 10 students are working towards the Cambridge Nationals Creative iMedia GCSE which has Units that include web design, animation and digital gaming.