Curriculum Intent

Teaching and learning is at the heart of what we do here at Stephenson Academy and so, using the SEND Graduated Approach model, our curriculum is designed to meet students’ individual needs, with an appropriate balance between academic, vocational and social education.

The aim of the curriculum offer at the academy is to encourage, inspire and engage students in learning, so that through innovative and personalised timetables, students can achieve success and be ready for their next stage of education, training or employment once they leave us.

We are extremely ambitious for our students and so the breadth of the curriculum we offer enables all students to leave the academy with at least 5 GCSE, or equivalent, qualifications, most of whom will gain considerably more – up to 12 – depending on their chosen pathway. The range of subjects studied also allows students to access a wide range of options at post 16, both at the Trust post 16 provision or alternative post 16 providers.

There are well equipped, specialist vocational teaching areas and courses have external accreditation, including GCSE, BTEC and NCFE. We aim to ensure that all students leave with the relevant, nationally recognised qualifications they need to help them make the next step to college, employment or apprenticeships. Furthermore, we also offer a range of programmes for students to engage in to support the personal and social skills needed alongside subject content knowledge and skills, to achieve and succeed in education, employment, and life.

In Years 5 and 6 students follow a primary based curriculum, with a focus on developing literacy and numeracy skills, social skills and emotional regulation.

In Years 7 and 8, students follow a Nurture and Foundation based curriculum, with a focus on building confidence in literacy and numeracy skills, social skills and emotional regulation through self-understanding and management.

In Year 9, the focus is on securing basic skills and preparing for the transition into the Key Stage 4 curriculum. Students in Year 9 have the opportunity to gain entry level qualifications, boosting familiarity, confidence and success in the exams process. 

In Years 10 and 11, alongside the core curriculum student’s work towards formal qualifications in their range of option choices, supporting their development as independent and responsible learners. There is also a parallel focus on life skills, work skills and transition to post 16 education and training.