Three major PHSCE projects have been undertaken since September:

(1)          Developing Financially Capable Young People.  This has involved the planning, researching, budgeting, purchasing and executing of a project that involves handling real money and making a profit.  Trips to supermarkets, DIY shops, cake shops, etc. etc. took place, alongside a partnership with Lloyds Bank PLC which involved students having the opportunity to visit the bank to take a tour, meet & discuss money management with bank staff and the opportunity to interact with bank equipment.  This programme was also supplemented by in-class teaching on direct debit, loan systems (including pay-day lenders), loan sharks and why saving money is important.

(2)          Health focus.  In addition to preparing to have the sexual advisory service – Brook – into the school for a bespoke programme for our cohort, there have been sessions on self-esteem, internet safety, passive smoking, the teen-age brain, counter-acting depression, and the poverty line.  There has also been a series of lessons on dealing with bullying and the anti-bullying processes in the school, which have functioned alongside the school’s anti-bullying policy.

(3)          Participation in the UK Youth Parliament elections and the UK Youth Cabinet, with students studying manifestos, debating issues and voting for their preferred candidates.

Some other areas of focus that have been covered within the PSHCE curriculum have been:

  • The nature of democracy
  • ‘Stephenson Academy Island’ – If our school was a country, what rules would we choose to govern it?
  • Local Government
  • Milton Keynes: what makes a ‘home town’?  Is there such a thing as ‘local pride’?
  • National Government
  • The House of Commons
  • European Government
  • The United Nations and UNICEF
  • ‘Europe’: The Issues
  • Debating the rise of UKIP in British Democracy
  • ‘The World’: The Issues
  • International Development
  • The role of children in the modern world
  • Emotional Development & Personal Hygiene
  • Debating issues to do with Scottish Independence
  • Examining Personal Space & Social Interactions
  • Ethics and Business within Sport: Debating the World Cup
  • Enterprise & Business Week: ‘Chocolate Bar Business’ Project Week
  • Debating ‘British Values’ and their role in Education
  • Examining Forced Marriage
  • Examining Arranged Marriage
  • ‘Evaluating Love and Relationships’ Week
  • The rise of ISIS and Extreme Islamism, and the differences when compared to non-extreme Islam
  • Remembering Tiananmen Square: What does history tell us about China today?