Merit System

In Stephenson Trust we believe in rewarding the students when they are successful. There is a well-developed reward system centred on short, medium and long term rewards. This is the merits and points system.

Each student earns up to 200 points a day (100 on Friday). These are awarded for work, behaviour and meeting personal targets.

If a student earns over 825 points out of 900 in a week they win a gold award, worth £5 in merits; over 750 merits a silver award, worth £2.50 in merits; or 700 a bronze award, worth £1.30. This success is celebrated at a weekly assembly and staff also select a Student of the Week and Most Improved Student.  If they earn these over a half term they then get to go on the gold, silver, and bronze reward trips, which can include a meal out, the cinema or Go-Karting.

Merits are saved up by students for an age appropriate reward of their choice. This teaches them basic banking, the importance of saving and delayed gratification.

Through this system, we reward students who progress in the short, medium and long term.