Outdoor Activities

Adventures that last a lifetime

Our intent at Stephenson Academy is to give every young person the opportunity to learn kinaesthetically about the world we live in. Working outdoors and with the environment can help make learning more relevant and engaging. It will also help expose our students to new opportunities.


Our journey begins in year 7 with team building skills and helps our students prepare and learn how to work together as a team during Forest School lessons. This then follows with learning new skills and the benefits of exposure to manageable risks. This is proven to build more confidence and improve mental health. In years 10 and 11, students then have the opportunity to do an option of Fish Husbandry and Animal Husbandry, which keeps the students learning outside and helps them gain a greater appreciation of the outdoors.


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While some students will have the opportunity to gain qualifications in this area if they choose these options at KS4, overall we aim for every student to leave Stephenson Academy with a better understanding of the world and the environment we live in. We also aim for students to be more self confident and better at communicating with others.